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    Legend tells us that the mermaids are the sirens of the ocean, beautiful, sensual creatures, half people, half fish. They lure men into their arms to lick their naked breasts and make love with them in the depths of the sea. But what if mermaids live among us today, in our time? Director Covey also thought about it and decided to make his own film for the Private Black Label series about these water babes, with the only difference being “Anal Mermaids!” Immerse yourself in 6 amazing scenes from such an experienced director as Covey, who will take you through the fast-paced fireworks of double penetration, oral sex and, of course, hard scenes of anal sex! 8 amazing beauties take everything that “ends” their way, swimming in a sea of ​​fresh spray sperm in 103 minutes of pure hardcore pleasure Take a decisive step and dive for Director Covey into the most sensual sexual fantasies

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