The au Pair's Initiation watch online

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    An au pair looking for a perfect host family

    Poppy Pleasure is a charming young woman who, like many other girls her age, needs money to pay for her education. Preferring to rely only on herself to support her lifestyle, she chose to become an au pair for a few months. Fortunately for her, her search was very successful and she was lucky enough to find a charming host family... on the surface.

    Anissa Kate and Kristof Cale have a superb house that Anissa hastily shows Poppy around as soon as she arrives. The pretty blonde didn't expect such a warm welcome. When Anissa hugs her to welcome her, she is a little surprised... but this is only the beginning! After a welcome dinner, Poppy goes back to her room while Anissa and Kristof both go to theirs.

    When the gorgeous brunette begins to undress before her husband's eyes, he doesn't miss a thing about the show. What man could resist her super curves and ultra sexy black lingerie? To add a little more spice, Anissa doesn't hesitate to moan louder than usual to be sure that their guest, whose room is on the other side of the wall, can hear them. The latter, ears glued to the wall, will thus have a front row seat and will enjoy the excitement of her new employers as if she were with them.

    The next day, while Anissa is half-naked in the sun in her garden, she asks pretty Poppy to pass oil on her beautiful chest. At first a little embarrassed, the young woman finally accepts until Kristof calls his wife to tell her that he would be late because of an unexpected meeting at the office. The pretty brunette is far from suspecting that the meeting in question is more sexual than professional with his secretary Mary Rock. After having enticed her boss with a very sensual strip tease, the young woman soon offers him all her orifices, even going so far as to offer him his anus for a very intense anal session. This is the kind of private meeting Kristof would like to have more often.

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