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    Clea is a French girl who lives in Spain. She's young, beautiful and has a boyfriend totally in love with her, Nick. Clea works in a shop. Her life is perfect. But ... no one knows she has a double life: she is also a sexy bartender in a nightclub. It all started when he was looking for a job and she answered an ad where they were looking for a barman. She went to the interview thinking about a day work in a "normal bar", but she soon understood it was a nightclub. But the money was very good, then from that moment, she works in this club two during weekends. Her night life is full of secrets and sins: she has sex with a delivery guy and with three friends of her. But her daily life is not as quite as we imagine... her colleague Mayline is an asian girl and she's addicted to BDSM stuff: one day she invite Clea at her place and introduce her to a kinky threesome with her boyfriend. These are Clea's secrets, that's her life!

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