Luxure: Wives To Be Initiated watch online

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    For the beautiful American Jill Kassidy, pleasing her husband Ricky Mancini is the most important thing there is to do. Of course, if it allows her to fulfill her own fantasies it's even better. Today is Ricky's birthday. As a gift, Jill has agreed to fulfill all of his wishes, even the most perverse ones. Arriving in a deserted garage, almost naked under her coat, the young woman begins to masturbate in the car while waiting for the surprise Ricky has in store for her. A stranger joins the couple and admires the young woman through the window. Very excited by the situation, Jill quickly opens the window so that the man can caress her in turn. Not wanting to waste time, she decides to take matters into her own hands and starts to suck him off. She then gets out of the car so that this stranger can take her up against the car while Ricky looks on, overjoyed. Chances are the couple will soon have the opportunity to do it again.

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