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    Wang was such a sweet stepson until he left home and joined the fraternity. When he comes home to visit, he thinks he can continue his misogynistic behavior. Lexi reminds him that this is not his brotherly home. And she's not his mom. She is his lecherous stepmother. She makes Wang do housework for the rest of the weekend while holding his phone as collateral ...
    When the weekend comes to an end and he needs a phone, Lexie gives him one last task. Any training on respecting women would not be complete without a lesson in pussy licking. Wang doesn't know if she is serious or not. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him. She didn't tell him to kiss her. She told him to lick her pussy. He goes down beside her and listens to her every command. She instructs him exactly how she likes. Then, since he was such a good boy, she pulls out his long cock and sucks it slowly, running her tongue over it. Then she shoved it into her hole. She pins him to the ground and rides him heavily. When she is convinced that he has learned his lesson, she allows him to climb upstairs and bring his load of cum onto her huge tits.

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