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    Tony is a wealthy man who owns four apartments in which he installed small video cameras in all bedrooms and bathrooms and which he rents exclusively to women. He watches his beautiful, lonely female tenants have sex, go to the shower, take a bath. He is a hopeless voyeur who cannot stop and not peep. Even despite the fact that he knows that this is wrong. And then, all of a sudden, Ellie appears in his life and changed everything. Instead of just jerking off while watching the new tenant, he falls in love with her. He no longer spies on any of his lodgers and thinks only of Ellie. One day, she brings a man from a bar to her home. Watching their sex, Tony is so jealous of her that she turns away and can no longer watch. What brought him great pleasure - his hidden cameras - now brings him unbearable pain and torture. The Vivid film company presents to your attention the film Peep Show - the story of the observer and the subject of his passion. The story of what happened when he decided to come closer to her ...

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