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    A New Life for Romy Indy.

    Romy Indy is just another college student who regularly struggles to make ends meet. Even though she shares the cost of renting her apartment with her friend Penelope Cross, she has to find a way to get some money into her account. Like every day, she scans the classified ads hoping to find the perfect match. She stumbles upon an ad for a family looking for an au pair. Not really believing in it, she decides to try her luck. It must be said that her lucky star was watching over her. She got on the phone so well that the family hired her on the spot.

    A few days after her arrival in her host family, while she was quietly reading in her room, the young woman heard a noise in the living room. Cléa Gaultier and her husband had invited a couple of friends over for the evening. Through the half-open door, Romy discovers that the two couples have no intention to have dinner... they prefer to go directly to the dessert, but not with their respective spouses. Both intrigued and excited by what she sees, the au pair starts to caress herself discreetly in front of this unexpected spectacle.

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