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    Bella Tina, the new Dorcel Girl in her first Pornochic.

    Bella Tina and John have been a couple for years. They have always lived their sexuality as they wished, whether it is just the two of them of with other partners. Today, for their very first Pornochic, the director Hervé Bodilis has given them the opportunity to spice up their sexual life a little more. While he thought he was going to spend a long moment of love and passion together with Bella Tina in a sumptuous Parisian apartment, John realized that his wife had a little surprise in store for him, one that she has the secret of. Lying blindfolded on the bed, he quickly realizes that another woman has entered the room and that Bella Tina is not the only one to take care of his already hard cock. The blonde Ashlay Thomass is a long-time friend of the couple but they had never had the opportunity to get serious until now. This mistake is now corrected. Between languorous kiss, passionate caresses and deep penetrations, this threesome between friends is a perfect introduction to the brand new Dorcel Girl and her companion...

    Ginebra Bellucci and Ricky Mancini may be madly in love with each other, but that doesn't stop them from taking pleasure wherever they find it. The pretty Spanish girl has always found Joss Lescaf, Ricky Mancini’s best friend perfectly to her taste. Ricky not being very jealous, this evening is the perfect occasion to let his wife fulfill her fantasy. After a quick drink, Ricky starts to undress the young woman in front of his friend before taking her to their room. At first a little surprised, Joss is quickly caught up in the game and intends to take full advantage of the opportunity given to him to enjoy all the charms of the young woman. On her side, Ginebra proves that she likes sex under all its forms, even letting the two men take her in double penetration. While the evening had begun in a rather classic way, this party ends much more intensely than expected, which is not to displease the young woman.

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