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    Liya Silver, amnesiac but not as innocent as it seems.

    Alberto, is a handsome Spanish man who pleases women and maintains his body. To keep in shape, he jogs every morning on the seashore. This morning, while he is running like every day, he notices a young woman who passed out on the beach. As no one seems to care about her, he decides to go to her aid and take her home.

    A few moments later, the young woman wakes up but seems to have completely lost her memory. After having taken a shower and put on the clothes that the young man prepared for her, Liya Silver joins him in the kitchen to thank him. Although he is in a relationship, Alberto cannot resist the dream body of his surprise guest and gives in to temptation. Who could say no to such an invitation to pleasure and debauchery?
    Anastasia Brokelyn and Nick have been together for almost a year and everything seems to be going well. Busy with their own work, they don't get to spend much time together, but that doesn't seem to bother them.
    Today Nick is at Katrina Moreno and Tommy's house trying to sell them some good investment solutions. As a financial advisor, his job is to give his clients the best advice so that everyone wins. Unfortunately for him, the day doesn't start out well because despite all his arguments, the couple doesn't seem to be interested. As the meeting comes to an end, the young woman seems to have been much more interested in the salesman than in what he had to sell.

    To prove it, she comes back to the salon in an outfit that leaves no doubt about her intentions towards him. Tommy and Katrina have a very free relationship and for once they have some time and a partner, they are not going to let their chance to have a good time pass. A little surprised, Nick thinks that if he's going to lose a contract, he might as well take advantage of the fringe benefits that are offered to him on a platter.

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