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    Rachael Cavalli is brushing her teeth before bed when her stepson Tyler Cruise accidentally walks in on her to do the same. Although he offers to come back, Rachael easily shares the space with him.
    Tyler's a little awkward around her, especially since Rachael's only been his stepmom for a few weeks. As Rachael takes out her contacts, she agrees that they haven't had much time to get to know each other yet -- she's even still learning her way around the house. Without her contacts in, she's practically blind!
    After they finish brushing their teeth, they part ways. As Tyler crawls into his own bed, he tries to settle down but is then confused when he hears his bedroom door creaking open. To his shock, Rachael fumbles her way inside, brushing her hands along furniture in order to blindly find her way into Tyler's bed.
    As she cuddles up against Tyler's back, it's clear that she's lost her way and mistakenly thinks that she's in bed with her own husband! But since Rachael can't see very well and is getting rather handsy, Tyler decides to go with the flow to get to know his stepmother in a whole new way... but how long will it take before Rachael finally sees the truth??

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