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    Brianne is coming home! Brianne has been at college for the first year, and it's terrible to say aloud, but Penny feels relieved that the girl has been gone. It was her intention to use this time away to reconnect with her husband, to build their relationship stronger. Penny loves her stepdaughter but she also feels as though she is in competition with her. Brianne can be so affectionate to Ryan, the affection builds the older she gets. Penny hopes that Brianne will come home to say that she has met a boy in college. Oh, how wonderful that would be!

    Penny sets the table for an early dinner as Ryan sees her dressed up. Ryan imagines she has dressed up in a form-fitting dress for him. He picks her up with his strong arms and lays her down on the table, "I want to make love to you." Penny giggles, "But Brianne will be here any minute.." Watch the story unfold.

    Stepdaughter Allie (Anny Aurora) is scared of thunderstorms and is upset when her mom kicks her out of the bed and decides to go cuddle on the couch with her stepdad (Ryan Mclane). Ryan insists their relationship is far too close for his wife's comfort. Anny explains that she has a boyfriend and Ryan seethes silently with jealousy. Later that night, while laying in bed, Ryan can hear moaning from Anny's room and he finds her in bed, naked, blindfolded and tied up. Anny begs for Diesel to stop playing games, to come back to her, he is nowhere to be found. She is calling out for her boyfriend, Diesel, to make her cum and before Ryan actually does anything he backs off and tells her that they will discuss things in the morning. She tells her mom that it was a guy but that is a lie as she tells Ryan that she really wants him. Being Daddy's Bad Girl does have it's advantages

    A sensual seduction from Anny from the very beginning, which Ryan rebuffs until the next morning as the love making starts off slowly but quickly intensifies as Anny dirty talk gets dirtier and dirtier. Sex includes creampie and a cumshot from stud dtep-daddy Ryan. Stay tuned until after the credits for a few funny outtakes as well.

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