Les 12 Coups De Minuit watch online

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    On the evening of December 31, 1999, a few hours before the transition to the third millennium and when he returned home alone, Philippe unexpectedly met Renata, a resplendent young girl with whom he fell in love.
    Weary, in front of her luminous beauty, he loses all his means and lets her go without daring to speak to her. Furious with himself, he is bitterly blaming himself for his shyness when, dream or reality, he suddenly finds himself on the street, facing Renata, as the first time. Almost in spite of himself, he is drawn into a whirlwind of desires and lust where hyper-sexy girls indulge in the most extreme pleasures.
    So, is it just a dream?
    Who is really Renata?
    Is it real or just the product of his imagination?

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